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Tecnologia da Informação e Cibersegurança

SandBlast para Educação

Proteja os alunos e proteja as escolas com o Check Point SandBlast for Education Addressing the Challenges of a DigitallyConnected Classroom The digital age has transformed virtually every aspect in the way we live, work, play, and learn. Today, teachers blend in-class instruction with online learning using websites, apps, learning games, among other tools. Children …

Appliances de Gerenciamento de Segurança

Smart-1 security management appliances power the 5th generation of Cyber Security. Featuring consolidated security management in an all in one, single scalable appliance for full threat visibility and control across Networks, Cloud and Mobile. All-in-One Security Management Industry leading Gold Standard platform for consolidated security management Full Threat Visibility Single visual dashboard fully integrated with …

Gerenciamento de eventos: SmartEvent

SmartEvent event management provides full threat visibility with a single view into security risks. Take control and command the security event through real-time forensic and event investigation, compliance, and reporting. Respond to security incidents immediately and gain network true insights. Full ThreatVisibility SmartEvent provides a single view into security risks Real Time Forensic and Event …