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SandBlast para Educação

SandBlast para Educação

Proteja os alunos e proteja as escolas com o Check Point SandBlast for Education

Addressing the Challenges of a Digitally
Connected Classroom

The digital age has transformed virtually every aspect in the way we live, work, play, and learn. Today, teachers blend in-class instruction with online learning using websites, apps, learning games, among other tools. Children get instant access to knowledge beyond their textbooks to obtain a holistic view of a subject. However, the digitally connected classroom also presents major challenges and threats when students are online. SandBlast for Education protects against:

Inappropriate Content
Potential exposure to offensive, harmful, or inappropriate website content

Possible risk of cyberbullying through social networks

Unintentional leak of personal information through phishing websites

SandBlast for Education:
The Future of Online Safety for Students and
Educational Institutions


Ensures a safe and risk-free internet environment for students with school-provided Chromebooks

Monitor and Alert

Allows monitoring and alerting of students’ online behavior


Protects the school’s IT infrastructure from potential cyber threats

Features and Benefits

To prevent online abuse that targets students, Check Point developed SandBlast for Education, a simple yet robust security solution. It’s an easy-to-install Chrome browser-extension that works seamlessly with G Suite for Education and your existing school and district cybersecurity infrastructure.

 Provides a Safe Browsing Environment

Safeguards students from accessing inappropriate or harmful web content with extensive URL filtering capabilities directly from the Chrome browser. Enforces SafeSearch for Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo while blocking other search engines.

 Achieves CIPA Compliance

Helps educational institutions to comply with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) regulations requiring the use of internet filters and additional measures to protect children from harmful online content.

 Prevents Cyberbullying in Social Networks

Stops cyberbullies from posting offensive words and protects students from bullying by blocking pages with offensive words or removing parts of those pages.

 Customized for Google-Powered Schools

Integrates transparently with educational institute’s IT infrastructure. Protects K12 students using school provided Chromebooks on and off campus. Configured and managed centrally through G-Suite.

 Protects Personal Information

Dynamically detects and blocks phishing websites that try to lure students into providing personal and private information.

 Malicious File Download Protection

Cleans potential malicious content from downloaded documents or converts them to risk-free PDF format.

 Prevents Reuse of School Credentials

Prevents students from using their school credentials for other non-trusted websites.

 Unified Security Infrastructure

Unifies with the award-winning, gold standard, Check Point security infrastructure, management and logging capabilities.